Firma Česká spořitelna, a.s.
Místo pracoviště Antala Staška 1292 32 Praha Krč 14000
Kontaktní osoba Radka Čornejová

If you would like to:

  • Take part in the development of brand-new applications in a modern architecture and with cutting-edge tools, from conception to rollout
  • Work with a wide range of diverse technologies, from FE technologies HTML, CSS, JavaScript/Typescript, Angular8+ or BE technology Java/Kotlin and their extensions (Spring, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Apacha Kafka…)
  • Participate in the design of the architecture of a new system
  • Use mainly relational databases (Oracle, PostgreSQL) but also nonSQL (Cassandra, REDIS, ElasticSearch)
  • Not only develop an application on a one-off basis, but keep working on it and continuously improve it, informed by feedback


We will get along well if you:

  • Have a knowledge of programming, know how to use objects and are familiar with Java/Kotlin or Angular8+ (JavaScript/TypeScript)
  • Are open to becoming a Fullstack Developer
  • Have a command of HTML, CSS, and SQL
  • Have experience with the development of complex applications in teams
  • Want to keep developing and learn new things

We will welcome the following, but we can also teach you:

  • Knowledge of LINUX operating systems (Redhat 7.x)
  • Experience in REST API design and UML, ERD modelling techniques, including Case tools (EA)
  • Knowledge of work with Docker with the Openshift/Kubernetes platform



 We will get along well if you:

  • The opportunity to work with modern technologies and solutions, such as AI, chatbots, apple business chat, etc.
  • The opportunity to participate in the creation of a brand-new applications for a large number (millions) of clients in the Czech Republic
  • Extensive training and professional development opportunities

At Spořka, we offer salary compensation of 80 000 - 125 000 czk/gross/month as well as you will be able to enjoy some of the best benefits on the market:

  • 42 days off (25 days of vacation, 5 days of sick leave with no questions asked, 1 extra day off every month for a great work-life balance)
  • CZK 120 in meal vouchers per day worked – fully paid by the employer
  • A Cafeteria contribution of CZK 9,600 (Multisport card is available)
  • Discounted bank products
  • A contribution to pension savings – up to CZK 28,800/year
  • Discounted mobile plan, car purchases (Škoda, Opel, Volkswagen, and others), purchase of electronics (Datart, Dell, and others), package travel purchase (Čedok, Exim Tours, Invia, and others), train travel – Leo Express, refreshments at Budějovická (KFC, UGO, Paul, Costa) and much more