Data Engineer

Firma Česká spořitelna, a.s.
Místo pracoviště Budějovická 1518 13a Praha Michle 14000
Kontaktní osoba Filip Lazár
Hey, data geek, does it sound appealing to you? Just keep reading then!
We are looking for a Data Engineer.


We are a team of data developers/enginners and data specialists. Our internal clients are Assisted Channels, Operations, Back Office, Ombudsman and Brand. And what we do? We help our internal clients to make data-driven decisions. For example, when we want to change a process or digitalize it, we need to know how many clients will be impacted. So the data are the key. And once we implement the change we measure the impact. Basically for everything we do, we are data-savvy.

In the team, we develop our own client service datamart where we consolidate process data from major applications into one place. And here comes your turn. We are searching for a person who will help us with that! In particular you will analyze and systematize the new process app data to our booming datamart treasure. Thanks to the systematic enrichment of the datamart, we close technical debt, automate and have all the related data in one structured place. The datamart is used for self-service by our internal clients which is an amazing feedback we receive and we truly see our daily work making an impact and leading to digitalization of our customers journey.


  • Analytical skills
  • Advanced SQL (Oracle preferred)
  • Team player