DATA ANALYST - agricultural researcher

Firma Manpower
Kontaktní osoba Iva Zavadilová
Kontaktní telefon +420730162002

Detail pozice

The team processes changes and updates in agricultural vehicle prices and specifications for the European markets.
 Research - Process accurately changes and updates in agricultural vehicle prices, specifications and incentives for the European markets using manufacturers pricing applications and company software.
 Research – new and long-term projects – help ensure delivery of accurate data within set time frames for new projects and on-going quality level for long-term projects.
 Research - Effectively resolve Data quality enquires from clients or internal customers.
 Research- Research additional data on OEM's sites and /or alternative sources to integrate with the data collected in the field.


All we need is a couple of new people to expand the operation.
If you have a good command of English and advanced MS Excel skill you could be one of them.
If in addition you are interested in vehicles, speak any other foreign language or have any data processing experience, even better!


Our Prague office near Karlovo náměstí has 25 people, friendly environment, good coffee and plenty of lunch choices just around the corner. On top of that we offer a nice package of salary and various benefits that we can discuss throughout the recruitment process.