C# Developer – R&D

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Kontaktní osoba Jonathan Breen

Detail pozice

The research and development team designs and develops tactical and strategic components to solve problems common across multiple projects. The team also undertakes practical research into areas such as data compression, distributed ledgers and smart contracts.

Due to the type of business this is you can be sure you will be working on the latest and up to date technologies available on the market.

The core product is a revolutionary cross platform toolset for distilling data to its fundamental information content while facilitating very fast random access and data analysis capabilities on compressed data. Compression ratios of 100:1 are quite typical on business data we encounter. Development of the components is using a combination of C#/.NET, C++, Java, JavaScript/AngularJS, Python or other languages.

Your Role

· Development of software components

· Participate and lead the system design and development of IT systems

· Unit testing and release management

· Research and innovation.


Essential Skills

· Strong general Computer Science knowledge. E.g. Algorithms, data structures, threading, design patterns and computational complexity.

· Exceptional programming skills in C#/.NET.

· Knowledge of some of the following: Java, C++, HTML5/Javascript, Python

· Excellent English and communication skills.

Desirable Skills

· University degree, preferably in a numerate subject (i.e. Computer Science, Math, Engineering, etc.).

· Flexible and creative problem solver.


Rewards and Benefits

· 5 Weeks paid holiday

· Days with possibility to work remotely

· Meal vouchers 90CZK (fully covered by employer)

· 60 Days sick per day (fully covered by employer)

· 7 Days paternity leave –

· 3% of salary towards superannuation funds

· Technical/Financial training

· Ederned - enhanced medical cover

· English or Czech language courses

· Yearly Bonus based on personal and company performance

· Assistance with Visa and Working Permit